Marketing in the Time of the Coronavirus

COVID-19 was either a period of intense business planning, strategy, focus and tenacity - or it was a sleeping beauty time warp. As the doors open once again and we emerge from this global pandemic, our industry is about to see the next generation of 401(k) leaders.

For advisors, wholesalers, TPAs, recordkeepers, service providers, auditors, Home Offices and fellow industry peers, this has not been easy. With WFH challenges, home schooling and family complexities, no one will soon forget these past six shut-in months. And at the same time, we have seen new firms emerge from the darkness and present themselves with a pioneer spirit and unbridled heart. For those, we commend you.

No matter what, where and how your experience has unfolded, there is always a new day on the horizon to start fresh. When you look forward, what do you see?

Marching towards the light

To grow your business - any business - there needs to be energy. Reflect on the energy that you and your team have put into your business in the past six months. Now, jump ahead to affirm what the next six months of energy is going to look like.

For new business growth, consider the below three outreach campaigns to earn new retirement plan clients.

1. Get involved with (or start) a digital “events” based series. Such as a webinar series that features retirement plan experts. Then drive ancillary attendance and overall event awareness with email invitations and LinkedIn posts.

2. Start (or restart) a blog series. If publishing a monthly article seems too overwhelming, consider tasking certain team members to write one article per quarter. With three writers – boom! That’s a monthly blog publication. Promote them on social media and with teaser emails. Now you have captive readers. For the savvy, you could combine the articles together and now you have a quarterly newsletter.

3. Seeking blue ocean opportunities? Consider podcasts, video and Instagram (!) – these are wide open spaces. There are not many 401(k) firms within these marketing channels. There are some, and they are doing amazing!

Whichever style you resonate with, own it. If you do it well, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded. The energy you put into your business is the energy you will get back from your marketing efforts.

Match your comfort level

Select the marketing medium that suites your needs. For example, if you are not an early adopter, then don’t do Instagram. You will resent it. Be honest about your comfort level of adoption. Let's say you prefer a more traditional approach, then virtual events could be your jam.

Additionally, once you start putting in the work around different campaigns, you will notice a change. Tasks that once seemed like a mountain to climb (finding a presentation, webinar technology, email invites, follow-up, compliance approval, sound, etc.) will quickly become second nature. You just need to start.

Take the first step and identify what type of marketing campaign you feel comfortable with. Then put it together (either internally, hire, and/or partner together). The first one is always the hardest. Try at least three times. And after three campaigns, you will feel proud, excited and energetic. Your business with be jumping with new inertia that will lead to new client relationships.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

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