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Keynote & Featured Speaking Events
Learn what the best advisory practices are doing to earn more 401(k) business 

We partner with industry leaders, educating teams with our dynamic and informative workshops.

Retirement plan leaders need to rise above the noise and genuinely differentiate through targeted focus, excellent branding, technology integration, ongoing digital campaigns and a strong mission statement.


After each presentation, the audience will walk away with tools and resources to win new sales and engage modern plan sponsors. Let us know about your next event!  


We welcome the opportunity to share with retirement plan advisors how to grow their business through professional branding and ongoing marketing campaigns.

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Interviews & Guest Appearances
Advisors: Don't Miss This 401k Opportunity with Rebecca Hourihan (Ep. 450)

Advisors: Don't Miss This 401k Opportunity with Rebecca Hourihan (Ep. 450)

Financial advisors, don't miss out on this valuable 401k opportunity with Rebecca Hourihan! Learn how to optimize your client's retirement savings with expert tips from the best in the business. Rebecca talks about how advisors benefit from content marketing and reveals specific themes throughout the year that align with the trends and needs of the retirement planning industry. Rebecca also shares why she encourages advisors to “really stop and think about” creating "like, know, and trust" with potential clients through consistent, valuable content. 🎙️About our guest: Rebecca is the founder and CMO of 401(k) Marketing, LLC in San Diego, CA. The firm specializes in empowering retirement plan advisors to showcase their expertise and establish a strong brand presence. The company was founded on the idea that retirement plan advisors are specialists and should promote their unique skill set. With nearly 20 years of retirement plan experience and an addiction to marketing, Rebecca is skilled at developing clear paths that are simple for plan sponsors, advisors and participants to understand. She is committed to company growth, advisor development and collaborative improvement. Her personality is naturally enthusiastic and she attracts fun, hard-working and ethical professionals. Rebecca is a keynote speaker and author. She has spoken at Fi360, Advisor2X, NAPA Summit, ASPPA, PANC, TRAU Master Class, Retirement Symposiums and many additional retirement plan conferences. She is a guest columnist for 401(k) Specialist, and PLANADVISER. She has been featured on Retireholics, 401(k) Specialist, InvestmentNews, NIPA, Employee Benefit News, PLANADVISER, Plan Consultant Magazine, The Advisor’s Newsletter and the Journal of Financial Planning. She lives in San Diego with her family and corgi, Lola. Her hobbies include cooking, eating, drinking wine, traveling, and yoga. Discover: - The big changes coming to the industry over the next ten years or so - How to take your first baby steps into the 401(k) world - The increasingly popular Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) - Why content marketing is queen in a relationship-based business - The guiding principles of “like, know, and trust” - Emerging trends within retirement planning - Why now is the perfect time to specialize in this niche - And more #BeYourOwnLoud #FinancialservicesProfessional #AdvisorMarketing ------- Are you a financial advisor who wants to become a recognized and trusted authority? ProudMouth helps you build an audience of raving fans who do the marketing for you – so you can spend less time selling and more time advising. Learn more at: ✅ How much influence do you have? Take our free 5-min test: 🚀 Enroll in the PodRocket Influence Academy for free: ------- We’re Matt and Kirk, the co-founders of ProudMouth 👋 Since launching our Influence Accelerator System, we’ve turned hundreds of advisors into sought-after trusted authorities. We provide the talent, tools and training to empower, enable and equip you for competitive advantage in the expertise economy. Our clients include Adri Miller-Heckman, Christine Luken, Jeremy Keil, and other recognized authorities who now rely on the “pull" of influence instead of the “push” of advertising to fuel their business growth.
Ep #49: Fueling Business Development with Strategic Marketing Investments with Rebecca Hourihan

Ep #49: Fueling Business Development with Strategic Marketing Investments with Rebecca Hourihan

Welcome to episode #49 of the Fiduciary U™ Podcast. My guest today is Rebecca Hourihan from 401(k) Marketing. The firm helps retirement plan advisors market their expertise and build long-lasting brand awareness. The company was founded on the idea that retirement plan advisors are specialists and should promote their unique skill set. On this episode, Rebecca and I discuss the changes in marketing strategies over the past decade and the importance of differentiation in the industry. She emphasizes the visual identity of advisors' websites and the need to showcase their office and team to create familiarity and connection with potential clients. She also highlights the significance of brand guidelines and professional photography in conveying a unique client experience. She suggests focusing on email marketing campaigns, LinkedIn engagement, and maintaining an active blog to attract and retain clients. We discuss the importance of building a rewarding culture, designing an effective content strategy, and leveraging technology in the retirement industry. We also explore the limitations and benefits of AI in content creation, the challenges of outdated technology, and the value of investing in the right tools and resources. Additionally, we highlight the need for retirement advisors to view technology as an investment rather than an expense and the importance of storytelling and messaging in delivering high-value content. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology and expertise to enhance the advisor's business and client experience.
401(k) Marketing
Rebecca Hourihan 401 k Marketing

What to Expect

Highly energetic and addicted to marketing, 401(k) Marketing shares how to attract modern plan sponsors and develop a thriving retirement plan advisory business.