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Top 10 Marketing Trends for TPAs in 2022

As we turn the page on another roller coaster year, a lot has changed, yet the resiliency of people has remained strong. We have thought of new ways to stay connected, communicate and come together. Now is the time to use your newfound digital skill set and apply it forward in 2022 and beyond.

Here are the Top 10 Marketing Trends you can use in your TPA business to enhance client retention, grow your business and build stronger relationships.

1. Communicating Regularly via Email

Regular news, information and updates to your contact list is one of the cornerstones of client retention. It demonstrates that your firm is aware of current trends and changes.

By providing important updates about administrative news (e.g. CARES Act deadlines, SECURE Act changes, Cycle 3 opportunities), employer concerns (e.g. tax implications, missing participants) and employee interests (e.g. financial wellness), you show that you are more than a trusted TPA, but also a fountain of knowledge your contacts can rely on.

PRO TIP: Not sure what to send? Try a ready-made eNewsletter from one of the many great publication resources. Strive to send at least one (1) email per month to your contact list.

2. Reviewing Your Social Media Profile

A lot of TPAs think their clients aren’t on social media, but you would be surprised. From employers to advisors to referral partners, you will find that a significant amount of your network has a profile.

To get started on social media, select a platform such as LinkedIn. Setup your Company Profile including your logo, banner image, website URL and About section. After that, review your individual LinkedIn profile. This includes uploading a professional headshot (less than three years old), banner image, About section and confirming that your Experience section is linked to your Company page.

PRO-TIP: LinkedIn profiles without a banner image are categorized as incomplete and may not yield the same search results as a complete profile. Make sure you don’t miss out on attracting new followers and connections by adding a banner.

3. Posting on Social Media

Share your knowledge and experience through social media. As a quick example, the next time you read a great ASPPA article, copy & paste the URL into a new post on LinkedIn and share a short sentence about what you learned.

PRO-TIP: Aim to post a least one (1) update per week.

4. Professionalizing Your Website

For years, websites have been thought of as a “check the box” activity. That has changed. Your website should immediately convey trust, professionalism and competency. Think of your website as your “digital storefront.” This is the first impression that advisors, plan sponsors and referral partners are going to see. Use your website to give your business a virtual boost of confidence.

PRO TIP: If your website hasn’t been updated in the last three (3) years, it’s time for a review.

5. Investing in Technology

As more and more people gain comfort in using video meetings, a small investment in high-quality audio, video equipment and internet speed can transform a choppy interaction into an excellent experience.

PRO-TIPS: Go on Amazon and find an integrated microphone and camera device. Google “test your internet” and run a speed test to learn how well your internet can handle virtual conversations.

6. Advertising about Cycle 3 Restatements

This is a big year for TPAs. The more you communicate to your clients how Cycle 3 is an opportunity for plan enhancements, the more supported your clients will feel. Talk with your advisor relationships and educate them with ideas they can use when speaking with their employer relationships. Use this administrative requirement as a marketing message to demonstrate the value of a trusted TPA partner.

PRO-TIP: Start sending emails now with plan design ideas to spark conversations and get your contact list excited about the changes they can make this restatement period.

7. Promoting Cybersecurity

With the recent ransomware attacks, phishing scams and data hacks, protecting against cybercrime is on every employer’s mind. Review your internal policies to prevent data breaches. Ask the service providers you partner with about their cyber defenses. Then, update and inform your clients and trusted relationships about how your firm is prepared to prevent (or respond) in the event of a cyber-attack.

PRO-TIP: Consider hiring a third party audit firm to conduct a SOC Audit of your internal practices.

8. Optimizing Your Digital Results

Help your prospects and contacts find you online. By setting up a Google My Business account, your business is more likely to appear on the first page of search results. You can display your website, business address, phone number, email, hours of operation, company overview and more. It’s free, so give it a try today.

PRO-TIP: Set up is simple, but can yield tremendous results in your local search. Visit sign in or click the “Manage Now” button and follow the prompts to enable a powerful tool.

9. Educating via Webinar (and Video)

Select a popular industry topic and host a webinar to educate your contact list about recent news and best practices. Some examples could be discussing missing participants, cybersecurity, Cycle 3, SECURE Act, PEPs or new recordkeeper functionalities. Helping your clients understand what is happening in their professional space and how they can offer a compliant, competitive retirement plan will place you as valued partner.

PRO-TIP: Record your webinar. Send the recording via email, post it on your website and share it through LinkedIn to expand your influence.

10. Trying Something New

From blogs to vlogs to podcasts to digital ads to Instagram to TikTok, try something outside your comfort zone. Find a platform that seems interesting, then post content that employers, advisors and referral sources would readily consume. Whether it’s educational, funny, entertaining or somewhere in between, have some fun and expand your marketing reach.

Commit to at least three of these ten marketing initiatives so you can confidently enhance client retention, grow your business and build stronger relationships through 2022 and beyond.

As a TPA, you understanding how the right plan design has the power to boost retirement outcomes and change the trajectory for millions of hard-working Americans. When your digital reputation and marketing efforts regularly educate your contact list, you are helping employers, advisors and your network appreciate the great work you do.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

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