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Why Advisors Should Setup Google Alerts

Have you done something news worthy? Are your events garnering local media? Has your blog article gone viral? By setting up a (free) Google alerts, you can learn about your digital footprint. Specifically, what is being said about you and your company. Additionally, you can setup Google alerts for your clients, prospects, and centers of influence. These alerts can keep you in-the-know about current digital news.

Reasons why to setup Google Alerts

  • Know what is said about you online

  • Know what is said about your firm online

  • Stay up to date with clients, prospects, and centers of influence

  • Track similar competitors

  • Learn up to the minute happenings

How can retirement plan advisors use Google Alerts?

Here are a few examples.

Know what is said about you online

Let’s say you attended a charity event. At the event, the photographer snapped a conversation picture. Two weeks later, the photos appear online and your name is tagged in the photo. Great! Now there’s a nice picture of you sponsoring your community and doing good.

Marketing tip: Send a Thank You note to the charity board members and link the web page with your featured photo. This shows your appreciation, it reminds them of their good work, and keeps you top of mind.

Know what is said about your firm online

Let’s say your firm is hosting a financial education meeting. During the meeting, one of the employees is taking notes and asking questions. Then later that night, they open their laptop and write a review of that experience. They said, “Money has never made sense to me until today. I attended a financial education class at my company and instead of using confusing % signs the presenter said to think in terms of pennies. He asked, can you save one more penny? Well, heck ya. So to all my blogging readers, can you save one more penny? If you can, up your 401(k) savings amount by 1%. It’s really that simple.”

What a nice online comment! And that employee mentioned your firm. Wouldn’t that be helpful to know about?

While, we realize that testimonials are forbidden that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. In today’s world, anyone can write anything online. It’s better to know what is being said then to be caught off-guard.

Staying up to date with clients, prospects, and centers of influence

What if one of your clients, prospects, or centers of influence has big news? Be one of the first to congratulate them! Easily add your list to Google alerts and separate names with a comma.

Marketing tip: When you are one of the first to recognize your network for good work, you will memorably stand out. This is a chance to promote your professional network and foster better relationships.

Track similar competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing? Did someone launch a new financial wellness partnership? Did they acquire a new firm? What are they doing to differentiate? Learn through their digital footprints what other firms are doing, so you can be one step ahead.

Learn up to the minute happenings

Another benefit is to know what is happening now. Yes, news sources are fantastic and you should be actively reading about industry events. But what about local events? What is the local, regional, and national stories that are specific to your business?

As a quick example, let’s say you’re part of a larger aggregator firm and want to know what other branch firms are doing. Setup an alert, so that every time one of the branches has news, you’re aware. Then you can ask better questions, learn what your peers are doing, and enhance your collaboration.

Google alerts is free and simple way to stay informed and updated on items that are important to you. To get started, go to and start with your name and your firm’s name. Try it out. Then build on from there.

Hope that is helpful!

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

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