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3 Easy and Often Overlooked 401(k) Marketing Strategies

Modern day work schedules are hectic. Between emails, calendar coordination and marketing campaigns, it can be challenging to stay on top of everything. To help make life (and referrals) easier, here are 3 simple and often overlooked retirement plan advisor marketing strategies.

  1. Email signature

  2. Link to calendar

  3. Executive overview

Email Signature

How many emails do you send per day? Take a moment to think about it. Ballpark, what is it? On average, we send 40 emails per day. That’s 40 direct touchpoints and representations of your professional brand. Take moment to look at your email signature. Could it be improved?

Enhance your email signature

  • Does your email signature include a crisp resolution of your company’s logo?

  • Are all team members using the same logo? You’d be surprised to learn how many times we have found logo variations.

  • How is your name spelled? Do you use a formal or informal name? Example: Thomas or Tom.

  • Do you include your designations (AIF, PPC, C(k)P, CFP, CRPS, to name a few)?

  • What color is your font? We have found that some signatures are written in purple font; however, that color is not in the client’s brand guidelines.

  • Have you (or your firm) won any industry awards? Update your signature to include the award badges (e.g. TAPO, Young Guns, Top Woman Advisors, Top DC Advisor Teams, to name a few).

Talk with your team and confirm that all team members are following a consistent format. There always seems to be one rouge team member that has invented his/her own signature. While we normally encourage creativity, your firm is a professional agency and each email send should reinforce your professionalism.

Link to Your Calendar

How many times have you played calendar ping pong? For example, you email your client a date and time. Then they reply with different dates that works better for them. Or, the suggested date and time was open, but by the time they have replied, it took too long and now you have another meeting booked.

Here’s a simple solution. Use an app that connects to your calendar. The app can easily and seamlessly present open dates and times.

Popular calendar integration apps:




Each app will let you set up working days (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Fridays) and open times (e.g. 1 - 4 pm ET). Then the app looks at your calendar and offers your availability. It’s a quick and efficient way to communicate with your contacts to find a convenient date and time that works for everyone.

There are two schools of thought on calendar access.

  1. Open access for all. If you want this feature, you could add “Calendar time with me here” within your email signature and include the hyperlink.

  2. Selective access. Reserve your calendar link and only share with contacts after a meeting has been discussed and agreed to.

It’s a personal preference and depends on how accessible you would like to be.

Executive Overview

In our business, 70% of new client introductions come from a client referral or a center of influence. Make it easy for them to introduce you.

One way to accomplish this is to pre-write your introduction email. Include within it what you do, who you are, and an attachment with a one page overview on how you support plan sponsors and participants. Make it simple for your clients and COI’s to quickly forward your message with compelling information about the value of your retirement plan advisory services.

By sharing information with clients and COIs, it will be easy for them to glowingly introduce you. Try this one marketing action to increase your inbound referrals.

With the volume of information we send and receive each day, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of everything. Try these 3 easy and often overlooked marketing ideas to increase your brand’s professional look, calendar transparency and inbound referrals.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

About Us

401(k) Marketing is the modern marketing agency for the retirement plan industry. We are proud to support our clients through custom engagements, content marketing campaigns, sales material innovations, thought-leadership consulting, interactive workshops and speaking events. Our mission is to empower the retirement plan industry with high-quality marketing, ultimately inspiring Americans to become financially prepared for their future.

Retirement Plan Marketing is the solution for retirement plan advisors looking for an ongoing and scalable marketing process to generate awareness, streamline sales opportunities and earn more 401(k) business. This comprehensive, strategy driven marketing program includes digital content and sales material specifically designed to help retirement plan professionals attract the right decision makers.

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