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QUIZ: 10 Questions to Self-evaluate Your Marketing

Take this 10-question quiz to reveal your retirement plan marketing score.

1. Does your company have a logo?

  • Yes. 5 points.

  • No. 0 points.

2. Does your company have a website?

  • Yes. 5 points.

  • No. 0 points.

3. When was your website last updated?

  • Within the last year. 5 points.

  • Within the last 1 - 3 years. 2 points.

  • Over 3 years ago. 0 points.

4. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

  • Yes. 5 points.

  • No. 0 points.

5. What year was your LinkedIn profile picture taken?

  • 2019. 5 points.

  • 2018 - 2016. 2 points.

  • Before 2016. 0 points.

6. How frequently do you post on LinkedIn?

  • Daily. 10 points.

  • Weekly. 5 points.

  • Monthly. 2 points.

  • Quarterly. 1 points.

  • Never. 0 points.

7. What foundation marketing materials does your firm have? Give yourself one (1) point for each item.

  • Firm brochure

  • Service overview

  • Pitch deck

  • Factfinder

  • Service calendar

  • Agenda template

  • Meeting minutes template

  • Fiduciary file checklist

  • Firm folder

  • Business cards

8. What content marketing materials does your firm use? Give yourself one (1) point for each item.

  • Newsletters

  • Blog articles

  • Videos

  • Infographics

  • Best practice checklists

  • Email campaigns

  • Direct mailers

  • White papers

  • Webinars

  • Seminars

9. How frequently does your firm email clients, prospects, and centers of influence to keep them informed, while keeping you top of mind?

  • Weekly. 10 points.

  • Monthly. 5 points.

  • Quarterly. 2 points.

  • Annually. 0 points.

10. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rank your marketing efforts? ________________

Tally your points: _____________

75 to 50 points: Marketing super star!

Great work! You’re a super star! Keep up the stellar work! Take a look at the questions and identify any opportunities for improvement. Overall, awesome job and keep up your great marketing efforts!

50 to 25 points: On your way!

Marketing is a journey and it doesn’t happen overnight. Take a look at the questions and circle one that could easily boost your score. For example, social media. Does your headshot need a little updating? Contact a photographer or ask a friend to use portrait mode on your iPhone. Then update your profile picture. Select one question to immediately enhance and improve your marketing.

25 to 1 point: Keep your chin up!

Creating a brand takes time and continual effort. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your business. Start with the basics (logo, business cards and website), then advance from there. If you need help, contact your Home Office and industry partners (wholesalers, DCIO specialists, TPAs) to learn what other successful advisory firms have done and ask if they have any internal resources that could help you on your marketing journey.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

About Us

401(k) Marketing is the modern marketing agency for the retirement plan industry. We are proud to support our clients through custom engagements, content marketing campaigns, sales material innovations, thought-leadership consulting, interactive workshops and speaking events. Our mission is to empower the retirement plan industry with high-quality marketing, ultimately inspiring Americans to become financially prepared for their future.

Retirement Plan Marketing is the solution for retirement plan advisors looking for an ongoing and scalable marketing process to generate awareness, streamline sales opportunities and earn more 401(k) business. This comprehensive, strategy driven marketing program includes digital content and sales material specifically designed to help retirement plan professionals attract the right decision makers.

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