Mobile Is Taking Over; Are You Ready? [Part 2 of 3]

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

In 2015, Google announced that for the first time in history, more searches were conducted on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Since that time, mobile search has continued to increase. So much so that Google has announced that starting July 1, 2019, they will begin a new initiative called mobile-first indexing. This means that that your website’s mobile version just became very important. If you want your website to appear favorably on Google’s search results, to impress your site visitors, then keep reading.

Before we go deeper, let’s briefly address why this is important. For one, Google is the largest search engine in the world. Second, how are you reading this article right now? Are you on your phone? If so, it’s a testament to the fact that times are changing. Third, when your plan sponsor prospects are searching for information, over 52% of the time, they are conducting that research on their phones. When they Google you, your firm and/or your services, we want you to look your absolute best.

Confirm Your Site is Mobile Friendly

To discover if your website is mobile friendly, click here to check >> This test is a convenient and free way to learn if your site is mobile friendly, and whether there are any issues to improve. If so, no worries; simply contact your website team and bring this to their attention.

QC Your Mobile Site to Look Your Best

With the confidence that your website is mobile friendly, please take out your phone (if you haven’t already) and pull up your firm’s website. As a firm that creates websites, we know that beautiful desktop websites do not always translate to beautiful mobile webpages. Actually, from our experience, it takes a lot of additional work to create a great mobile site.

Now that you have your mobile site on your phone, look around. The #1 most visited page is likely your home page. How does it look? Next is your “About Us” page. How does that one look? Many times, biography photos are either too large, too small, off center, out of order and/or suffer from a myriad of other layout snafus. The third most visited page is generally the “Blog.” Take a moment and tour your mobile site and ask yourself, how does it make us look? If it’s anything shy of amazing, then take a screenshot and text it to your website team for updating.

Do Prospects Really Visit Our Mobile Site?

Yes, mobile websites are often the first place prospects visit to conduct research. Think of it like this: the CFO prospect is at a conference. They get an email on their phone with a favorable introduction to you. What do you think they are going to do next? They are going to click on your website to learn more about you. And since they are traveling, they are researching on their phone, à la visiting your mobile website. What is your first digital impression? It’s important to conduct a mobile site audit, so you know that their first experience is excellent.

In the age of immediate access to the world in the palm of your hand, you want your mobile presence to demonstrate professionalism, expertise and knowledge. When your plan sponsor prospects are Googling for information, you want their mobile experience to be enjoyable and one that continuously reinforces your valuable services.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

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