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Marketing Gives You Something to Talk About

Two friendly advisors walk into a conference room, the conversation goes:

Two friendly advisors walk into a conference room, the conversation goes:

“How’s business?” asks Bill.

“Steady, what’s new with you?” Paul replies.

“Glad you asked, we recently launched a new 401(k) blog series and it’s been fun seeing the uptick in our website traffic,” says Bill.

“Oh yeah, I think I saw that. You mentioned it on LinkedIn the other day, right?”

“Exactly, we posted about the blog on LinkedIn and Twitter and also sent out an email that describes what each article is about. It’s a lot of work but, you know, it feels good. What are you doing for your marketing?” Bill asks.

“Same old, same old. Talking with our clients for referrals,” Paul shrugs his shoulders. “I’d don’t really believe in ‘marketing,’ you know?”

When advisors get together, marketing is often a frequent topic because they want to learn what’s working, what’s new, and what other professionals are doing to grow their businesses.

New Generation Marketing

If an advisor is trying something new, then it’s interesting. Other advisors look at this “new idea” with skepticism. Will it work? It seems strange. What are they thinking? What are the proven results? These are normal and natural reactions.

One quote comes to mind, “The early bird gets the worm.” Oftentimes, the people who get there first gain the most reward because there isn’t any competition. They are the pioneers. However, people are nervous about being an early-adopter because the commitment of time and resources might not pay off.

For example, a year ago, posting a video on LinkedIn was very different. No one knew that LinkedIn video was going to take off. Plus, it’s a lot of work to create a video what with lighting, the script, compliance, recording, posting, and more. However, if you had started creating and posting short retirement plan videos at that time, how far do you think your social media presence would have grown today?

Where are the results?

Another popular topic is results - the proof is in the pudding. How have your marketing campaigns brought in more revenues?

When advisors are implementing a true marketing campaign, there is a cost involved. Whether it’s a monthly subscription, an email platform, hiring a copy-editor, paying an illustrator to add animation to your video, or anything in between, creating quality marketing content usually entails a range of skilled professionals working together towards your final product. For some, this thought of paying for marketing is a new and foreign concept.

On the other hand, when an advisor’s sole marketing resource is “referrals,” they appear to be free. So, when an advisor wins a new piece of business from a referral source, it feels like the ROI is a 100%. The free referral resulted in new revenue. That is a win-win. Why should you do more?

Yes, referrals are an excellent way to maintain a steady business; however implementing a new marketing campaigns is how you grow a business.

Going back to the above conversation between Bill and Paul, marketing gives you something more to talk about. It gets you noticed (LinkedIn, Twitter and email): it creates a new path for business growth.

Whether you start by posting regularly on social media, emailing your clients a quarterly newsletter, uploading a video, or something else completely new, the important point is that you start. That the next time someone asks you, “What’s new?” you have an exciting response that demonstrates how you are marketing and growing your retirement plan business.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

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About Retirement Plan Marketing

Retirement Plan Marketing is a product of 401(k) Marketing and is an ongoing turnkey marketing solution for retirement plan advisors. It is an easy-to-follow, consistent marketing program designed to get you noticed in your community and generate new retirement plan sales. When you deliver relevant plan sponsor content, you add value to your conversations and can work your way up to become known as the “go-to” retirement plan advisory office.

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