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Straight to Your Door

As a retirement plan advisor, you probably host clients, prospects, wholesalers, or centers of influence meetings in your office. However, have you ever evaluated what it is like to visit your space? In this article, we are going to ask a few questions, so you can see the visitor’s journey through fresh eyes and, ultimately, enhance the overall experience.

Start Your Digital Engines

Let’s be honest, no one is pulling out a map. Instead, we are grabbing our smartphones and typing in your company name. So, go ahead. Get your phone, open your preferred Map App and type in your company name. What comes up?

Your business should automatically appear as you type. If it doesn’t, you should go to and register your business.

  • What is it like to look up your advisory office online?

  • How easy is it to find your office location?

  • How easy is it to pull directions? Check to see if your business is registered with Google.

Curb Appeal

Go outside. Try to envision pulling up to your office for the very first time. Look around; what do you see?

  • What does the landscaping look like?

  • Is there a sign?

  • Where is your visitor supposed to park?

Think of it like this: let’s say a client is coming to your office. However, they haven’t been there in years. The appointment is at 2 pm. According to Apple Maps, they are running a tad late, but not by much. As the client pulls into the office park, they look around and think, “Where do I go now?” They look right to left and continue driving slowly searching for a sign. The clock now strikes 2:05. Not bad, but they are pressed for time. They loop the parking lot and finally see a tiny sign. They are now slightly frazzled as they walk to the main entrance.

In front of them are two elevator banks, no sign. They shrug their shoulders, grab their phone, and look for the suite number. Then they get into the elevator and press the 3rd floor. It is now 2:15. As the clients walk in, they are happy to see you, but also mildly frustrated that they had to go through two hurdles. While, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, in today’s “easy button” society, we want simple. We don’t want to have to go through the rigmarole of inconvenience.

Pro-tip: if your office is difficult to find, send an email the day before with parking info, gate codes, or directions.

Rather, what if your client pulled into the office park and immediately see your company’s name on a BIG sign. They walk into the office bank and find a listing board with your company clearly written out along with the suite number. Does this sound like a better client experience?

The first example delivered a client confused and frustrated. The second delivered a client with ease and confidence. What experience would you like your clients to have?

HGTV Your Office

If it’s been over 5 years since your office purchased a new furniture item, I can tell you it’s time to spruce up your space. However, I’ll also be the first to admit that I know nothing about interior design. But, I do have many talented friends who do. Ask an interior designer (or design friend) for their professional eye. Take them through a walk around your office and ask for their design-eye advice.

  • Has the design of your office changed since you moved in?

  • When they arrive at your office, what does the reception area look like?

  • Do your clients feel welcomed?

  • Are there comfortable chairs? Refreshments? Maybe a new area rug?

  • When you greet guests, where is the conference room?

  • How is the walk from the reception area to the conference room? Are the desks clean? Art on the walls? Framed designation diplomas (e.g. AIF® designation)?

  • Then once in the conference room, what is the atmosphere like?

Walk through this journey as if it were brand new to you. Or ask your newest team member or your summer intern. Learn to experience your office from the perspective of your clients, prospects, and centers of influence. With this knowledge, you can identify ways to enhance the experience and, ultimately, help your visitors immediately feel relaxed, welcomed, and at ease.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

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