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401(k) Advisor Prospecting: What are today’s best resources and tools? PART II

Sales and marketing are not the same. Rather, they are more like yin and yang. Together, they are a powerful pair. Separate, they are incomplete. In this post, we are going to explore additional ways to market your retirement plan practice to connect with more plan sponsors and ultimately, grow your business.

Before we dive into today’s article, let’s back up just a moment. In our previous post, we discussed the curious plan sponsor. The concept that when plan sponsors have a question and most likely turn to Google™ to find a solution. Then when the prospect finds their answer on your website through your posted content, they begin a digital relationship with your firm. So, how do you turn a curious prospect into a new client?

The Turn

Your prospects are right there – on your site, finding answers, reading your biographies, viewing your awards, one eyebrow raised, leaning in and asking themselves, “Who are you? What value do you bring? Are you a better solution to my current situation? Should I contact you? Tell me more.”

Now, it’s time to engage.

Three Ways to Turn Curious Plan Sponsors into Clients

  • Webinars. We recommend hosting quarterly webinars. Select a plan sponsor facing topic (Tip: connect with your Service Provider and DCIO relationships for available presentations). Then post on your homepage about the upcoming event. Allow for simple sign-up. Now, when plan sponsors are viewing your site, you are benefiting in three ways. One, you have a non-threatening call to action. Two, you are providing education to the curious plan sponsor. Three, you get detailed information on the curious plan sponsor. Bonus, the plan sponsor learns more about you and experiences a taste of why they should hire you.

  • Gated Content. Don’t give it all away for free. The retirement plan industry is complex and because of that many professionals have questions. Let’s say you write a blog post about the new Conflict of Interest Rule and create a checklist of questions that plan sponsors should ask their advisor. At the end of your blog post, you could say: Checklist of critical plan sponsor questions, download here. Then that directs to a short auto-fill form to download the questionnaire. You now have captured the name and contact information of the curious plan sponsor. Next steps, reach out to them and continue to build your relationship as a trusted voice for retirement plan knowledge.

  • Retargeting. This is a little complex. Basically, retargeting is when a person visits your site, their browser is cookied. Then every time they go to another website that has banner ad placement, your marketing ads appear. Think of it like this, the next time you go to a website where there are banner ads, look around the parameter – are some of those advertisements company websites that you have recently visited? That is retargeting. Again, this is complex marketing; however, a successful retargeting campaign will keep your brand front and center with all of the curious plan sponsors. Thus, when they have a question – your firm is the top of mind solution.

Marketing takes time and work. It’s not once and done. It takes dedication and focus to work and to work well. Also, when you first begin, your marketing probably won’t work. That’s not because it isn’t great –it’s because you don’t have enough. Keep in mind, the internet is a big place. However, through consistency of quality content, you will separate yourself from the competition and become known as the ‘go-to’ retirement plan office.

Modern plan sponsors and decision makers are used to visiting Google™ and looking for solutions, so if your firm has the solution and a way to capture your audience, then you are one step closer to turning curious visits into clients!

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

About 401(k) Marketing

We believe the retirement plan industry can do better. Our clients are the best professional retirement plan advisors and TPAs in the business. They care deeply about saving America’s retirement future. We are proud to share their voices through industry writings, professionally-designed marketing materials (including websites), and expert content collateral. We lend support by promoting businesses through ongoing awareness campaigns.

About Retirement Plan Marketing

Retirement Plan Marketing is a product of 401(k) Marketing and is an ongoing turnkey marketing solution for retirement plan advisors. It is an easy-to-follow, consistent marketing program designed to get you noticed in your community and generate new retirement plan sales. When you deliver relevant plan sponsor content, you add value to your conversations and can work your way up to become known as the “go-to” retirement plan advisory office.

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