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Support Your 401(k) Business and Make a Real Difference

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Who supports our industry? If you do, keep reading. Committees, bills, laws, legislations, rules, and regulations only move when there is bi-partisan community involvement and agreement.

That is why the American Retirement Association’s political action committee needs your support to fund their mission of communicating with Washington. And year after year, the PAC must find new ways to make retirement a front runner topic - something Congress needs to care about. With all of the competing Capitol Hill priorities, that’s not a small task.

Thankfully, there is a secret weapon: You.

With your support, the PAC can deploy resources to policies that directly affect (or not affect) your business. Both outcomes directly impact you; isn’t it better if it positively affects your business?

Every election cycle, new delegates try to earn their stripes in Washington. But with the right support from the PAC, we can teach them about the fantastic work you do and why our elective officials should support meaningful ARA initiatives. After all, aren’t we all in this together?

Two ways to show your support:

  • Contribute to the PAC << >>

  • Sign up for the NAPA Fly-In << >>

Thanks for showing your supporting for your industry. You’re the best!

Thanks for reading!


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