Now is Your Time to Shine

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Marketing Your Retirement Plan Business in our New World

2020 has been quite the whirlwind. With each passing month, we continue to see new measures, challenges and enhancements that consistently push us farther into a New World.

It is inspiring to see how resilient people and businesses are and how quickly we have learned to adapt.

Additionally, we are witnessing a profound impact on the environment, healthcare advancements, digital technology, consumer behavior, and the retirement industry which will likely affect our lives for years to come. It has also been a reminder that in order to support clients and attract new prospects, our businesses need to adapt.

The New Table Stakes

Over the last few months, we’ve seen how important, powerful, and effective it is to communicate digitally. From social media to email correspondence to video conferencing, we have all embraced technology to stay in front of your clients, prospects, and centers of influence.

While plan sponsors have been quietly using the internet to research service providers for over a decade, social distancing has made the need for a strong digital presence abundantly clear. Your website and social media profile are likely a prospect’s first impression of you and your firm.

Is your “digital” first impression strong enough to portray your professionalism and passion for the retirement plan industry? Or, does it cause a plan sponsor prospect to “x” out of the site, questioning your ability to securely and effectively manage their plan?

Let’s look at a few proactive marketing ideas that you can use to enhance your digital presence, build stronger relationships and grow your firm.

Let’s Get Social

One huge marketing lesson that may be taken from our recent quarantine time is that social media is no longer optional: it is required.

A professional-looking LinkedIn profile goes a long way. Three ways to immediately enhance your profile include:

  • Use an accurate profile picture (less than three years old)

  • Add a banner image (easily show people more about you)

  • Properly link your companies in the experience section (no gray boxes)

However, looking professional is only the first step. For social media to work, you have to join the conversation - you have to be social. This means publishing regular content, liking, commenting, sharing and even joining groups.

If you have not explored LinkedIn’s article publishing platform, it is a very powerful tool to build your reputation as a thought-leader.

Eye Catching Materials

With national competition compounding, only the best will thrive. We live in a visual world. When new prospects are evaluating your firm, they want to be impressed, and great design is no longer “nice to have”: it’s a necessity.

According to a study, consistent branding leads to a 23% increase in revenue.

Your marketing materials needs to excite and impress. As new prospects browse your website, you want them to fill out your contact form, download your gated content, opt-in for your value-add automated email sequence, and voluntarily enter your pipeline funnel.

Without capturing, optimizing, and maximizing the prospect experience, they will get lost in the digital sea.

Drip Marketing

Our industry normally has a 14-month sales cycle. With over a year between prospect introduction to new client signing, it is important to build a pipeline that you contact regularly – and we’re not talking cold calls.

One way that retirement plan advisors can communicate consistently is through email marketing.

With plan sponsor specific campaigns, you can build top-of-the-funnel brand awareness and boost engagement. Automated email campaigns can increase your efficiency, creating more frequent touch-points, keeping you top of mind with your prospects, and lead them farther down the sales funnel.

Send drip content that adds value. Use your touch-points to educate your prospects on retirement plan topics that will make them better fiduciaries, demonstrate your knowledge, reinforce how you will service them, and solidify the fact that you are a 401(k) expert. Your communication will strengthen your relationship and remind them why they should hire you.

Embracing the Future

In this New World, now is your time to shine! By enhancing your online presence and embracing modern marketing campaigns, you will be raising your business up to the new level of table stakes.

Follow these tips to have plan sponsors recognize you online, have confidence in your experience, and seek you out as their trusted retirement plan expert.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

[1] “Corporate identity and branding trends: 2020’s forecast” Templafy. Nov 2019 About 401(k) Marketing

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