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Advisor’s Guide to Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is a powerful tool that advisors should be utilizing to help grow and promote business. Each post made by you and your team should amplify your core values and work toward the same objective. Before diving into the world of social, you should take a moment to evaluate your goals, and unify your message.

Part 1: Defining your Voice

When you boil it down, people work with people they like, people they trust. Social is the perfect place to show your brand’s personality, demonstrate knowledge and even crack a joke (if that aligns with your brand).

DEFINE | Whether your aim is promotion or prospecting, ask yourself: what do I hope to accomplish? Define your objectives:

  • Connect with clients, Centers of Influence and prospects

  • Share relevant content

  • Promote events

  • Built a strong prospect list

  • Acquire new customers

  • Increase traffic to your blog or website

PRIORITIZE | Your posts should reflect your priorities, they may range from Fiduciary oversight to Retirement Readiness to Prospecting. List them below:

Priority 1: __________________________

Priority 2: __________________________

Priority 3: __________________________

Priority 4: __________________________

DEVELOP | The words, images and tone you use on social matters. Take a moment to develop your voice.

Part 2: Compliance Hurdles

How do you create an effective marketing plan that is compliance friendly and speaks to your plans sponsor audience?

We believe that compliance review improves the final product, but whether you are an IRA or part of a larger broker/dealer, chances are at one time or another you have had a hand slapped by compliance.

You know what they say: “happy compliance, happy life.” Below are a few tips for a avoiding potholes:

  • Review and/or develop your Social Media Policy

  • Create a Social Media Strategy and discuss with your compliance team

  • Archive Posts (Erado, Hootsuite, HearSay)

  • Avoid promissory tone

Part 3: Understanding Platforms

The number of social platforms is ever-growing, however, the professionally-focused platform list for advisors is a bit shorter. Let’s focus on the approved platforms that include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

Each platform is unique from the timing and frequency of posts, to the language you use, to image sizes and hashtags.

B2B social media is best during the work week before and after work and during break times. Think of it as the modern newspaper, a source for information for prospects, clients and COIs.

Advisors often wonder about the utility of hashtags and if, when, where and how to use them. For the platforms advisors use most often, you should have a maximum of 4 hashtags; don’t forget to include your company or brand tag!

Top Industry hashtags:

Don’t have a company hashtag yet? Get the team together and brainstorm. Your hashtag can be as simple as your company name or a have a little more spunk. Be sure to research your possible tag; no one truly owns a hashtag, but you can 'own' the space around it. A few pointers for creating our own:

  • Keep Hashtags short and clear

  • Make it Catchy

  • Integrate your Business Name

  • Proofread the Hashtag

  • Stay Consistent

Remember, for social media to work you have to be active. So, post regularly and be sure to like, comment, and share. Don’t be afraid to ask for others to do the same for you.

For a great social media handout and worksheet, click here.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

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