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3 Brand Building Ideas

What Do You Need to Compete in Today’s TPA Marketplace?

Below are three marketing ideas to professionalize your TPA firm. These branding elements will help you stay competitive in today’s business world.

3 Brand Building Ideas

1. Strong Website

If your website was setup in 2008, we’ve got news for you – it’s time for a makeover. A lot has changed since that time including design ascetics, search engine optimization and, most importantly, client expectations. Here’s an idea: Google “TPA and your city, state”. Now, look at your competition.

  • Who comes up first on Google?

  • What does their website look like?

If your site is first and the best looking of the bunch – congratulations, keep up the good work! However, if your site isn’t first and/or your site isn’t as pretty as the other websites, it’s time to roll-up your selves and start working. The average consumer glances at a new website for 15 seconds – that’s it! So if your website doesn’t immediately attract, engage, and entertain within that time, you could be missing out on new business.

2. Online Service Documents

More and more people are turning to the Internet for answers. By uploading pre-fillable PDF service documents to your website, it makes it easy for plan administrators to download and forward what is needed to participants requesting loans, withdrawals, and other processing forms. Also, to help you simplify your internal processes, you can smart fill the PDF. When the participant completes the form, he or she can simply click the “email” button to send it directly to your processing inbox. This saves you and your client time and streamlines the process.

3. Plan Sponsor Brochures

Whether you sell through financial advisor partners or direct to plan sponsors, do you want to be involved in the sales conversation? By having high quality, well-written, and professionally designed marketing pieces, you can communicate your value through the sales experience. You can influence the conversation. As the plan sponsor turns the pages of your brochure, they learn more about your firm, your history, and your experience. They come to realize the importance of quality plan design. Your understanding of cash flow and business objectives is a valuable differentiator, one that should be described constantly and through as many mediums as possible – including your professional brochures.

We hope that we have provided you with three quick ideas to help to professionalize your TPA practice. Thanks for reading and check back next time for more ideas, and brand building tips. Also take a look at our upcoming webinars to help you win and stay competitive in tomorrow’s business world.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

About 401(k) Marketing

We believe the retirement plan industry can do better. Our clients are the best professional retirement plan advisors and TPAs in the business. They care deeply about saving America’s retirement future. We are proud to share their voices through industry writings, professionally-designed marketing materials (including websites), and expert content collateral. We lend support by promoting businesses through ongoing awareness campaigns.

About Retirement Plan Marketing

Retirement Plan Marketing is a product of 401(k) Marketing and is an ongoing turnkey marketing solution for retirement plan advisors. It is an easy-to-follow, consistent marketing program designed to get you noticed in your community and generate new retirement plan sales. When you deliver relevant plan sponsor content, you add value to your conversations and can work your way up to become known as the “go-to” retirement plan advisory office.

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