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401(k) Marketing, LLC is not in the business of providing legal advice with respect to ERISA or any other applicable law. The materials and information do not constitute, and should not be relied upon as, legal advice. The materials are general in nature and intended for informational purposes only. All content, including any brochures or other materials designed for potential use with plan sponsors, fiduciaries, and plan participants, must be reviewed and approved by the compliance and legal department(s) of the Financial Professional and/or Third Party Administrators firm prior to any use to confirm that they meet the firm’s legal and compliance policies and standards. The Financial Professional, Third Party Administrator,  and his/her firm are solely responsible for the use of content and any materials included herein, and for ensuring that all services provided by the Financial Professional and Third Party Administrators conform to the firm’s legal and compliance policies and standards.

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Your website has 15 seconds to delight or disappoint, according to Time online.   


Do you feel your current site captivates, holds the viewers’ attention, and communicates retirement plan expertise, unique skill set and/or your fiduciary process? 


A website should have several aspects: Design, Content, and Functionality that play an important part in building a corporate brand along with creating a positive interactive experience for the consumers.


The design of the website should be an extension of the corporate identity as well as look and act in a manner that visitors expect.


Content is king, and good copy sells ideas, concepts, and services.  With over ten years of industry experience, we will work with you to write copy that will highlight fiduciary process, retirement readiness, and additional financial services topics. 


Good-enough websites just don’t cut it anymore. Beautiful design is the difference between a quick glance and a lasting impression.  On your website, design and function come together to create an experience for your web visitors.  If you only get one first impression, let’s make it a great one!




[1] Haile, Tony. “What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong.” Time. March 9, 2014. http://time.com/12933/what-you-think-you-know-about-the-web-is-wrong/

Marketing Materials


By far our most popular offering.


When you give a printed brochure to your customer, you are placing your company’s identity in their hands.  Marketing materials give your client something tangible to look it, take home, and refer to later or pass on to friends and family. 


For your retirement plan practice, we offer a wide array of materials including:



  • Company Brochures

  • Plan Sponsor Overviews

  • Factfinders

  • Pitchbooks

  • Investment Committee Meeting Presentations

  • Finalists Presentations

  • Agendas

  • Institutional Service Calendars

  • Enrollment Presentations

  • Participant Questionnaires

  • Biographies

  • Importance of Plan Design Brochure

  • Reasons to Partner with a TPA

  • Infographics

  • RFP Templates

  • Videos

And more


To assess, if your needs include marketing materials, click on our assessment worksheet to identify possible ideas. 


Branding a la carte menu

Retirement Plan Advisor

Third Party Administrator

Social Media


91% of adults keep their phone within arm’s length at all times, accoring to Forbes


We’ll walk you step-by-step through creating and managing a social presence whether it is through developing a LinkedIn™ profile, Facebook™ page, and/or Twitter™ account--all the way to posting regularly and developing a social following.


Together, your website, marketing materials, and social profiles tell your corporate story.  They highlight your strengths with prospects and clients about your retirement plan expertise.


You are your brand, so make it exciting!  It is the unique value you convey to your clients, prospects, and the entire community. As retirement plan professionals, we partner with you to listen and understand the company’s goals that underlie your brand.  We want you to show the world your gorgeously-designed content that promotes your true image. 














[1] Conner, Cheryl. “Fifty Essential Mobile Marketing Facts.” Forbes. November 12, 2013. http://www.forbes.com/sites/cherylsnappconner/2013/11/12/fifty-essential-mobile-marketing-facts/

Welcome to the Foundation Room!


Too many times, we have heard, "I visit prospects with a notepad and a smile."  


Today, consumers are smart, educated, and addicted to Google.  If you are a retirement plan expert, than your marketing material should reflect that.  Are you keeping your skills a secret - why?  Let the world know how much you care about fiduciary responsibility, retirement readiness, and plan governance.  This business takes decades to learn - why are you hiding your knowledge? 


In the Foundation Room, we align your skillset with your outward message.  Together, we build a WOW-worthy website (no cutting and pasting here).  Your marketing material should radiate your corporate identity and your retirement plan message.  Lastly, social - so important.  We'll teach you how to harmonize your social footprint and your corporate identity.