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401(k) Advisor: Marketing Pro Tip (4 of 4)

PRO Tip 4: Best Foot Forward

Alright, here it is. Our final 2017 Pro Marketing Tip to get your business in shape for a Grand Slam retirement plan advisory year. It’s time to show and tell.

Take all of your current marketing materials and place them on your boardroom table, now look at them. Are they good? Do you feel proud when you look at them? Do you feel proud when you hand them to your clients, prospects, and centers of influences? If you flinched for even a second – STOP!

Launch into 2017 with the best possible materials that communicate your experience, knowledge, and expertise. If you are even the slightest bit bashful about your materials, leave them in 2016. Start 2017 with your best foot forward.

Just in case you missed any of our previous Pro Marketing Tip posts, no worries! Check them out here: Have a Plan, First Impressions Matter, and Social vs. Social.

Thanks for reading and Happy Marketing!

About Us

401(k) Marketing is the modern marketing agency for the retirement plan industry. We are proud to support our clients through custom engagements, content marketing campaigns, sales material innovations, thought-leadership consulting, interactive workshops and speaking events. Our mission is to empower the retirement plan industry with high-quality marketing, ultimately inspiring Americans to become financially prepared for their future.

Retirement Plan Marketing is the solution for retirement plan advisors looking for an ongoing and scalable marketing process to generate awareness, streamline sales opportunities and earn more 401(k) business. This comprehensive, strategy driven marketing program includes digital content and sales material specifically designed to help retirement plan professionals attract the right decision makers.

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