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401(k) Marketing, LLC is not in the business of providing legal advice with respect to ERISA or any other applicable law. The materials and information do not constitute, and should not be relied upon as, legal advice. The materials are general in nature and intended for informational purposes only. All content, including any brochures or other materials designed for potential use with plan sponsors, fiduciaries, and plan participants, must be reviewed and approved by the compliance and legal department(s) of the Financial Professional and/or Third Party Administrators firm prior to any use to confirm that they meet the firm’s legal and compliance policies and standards. The Financial Professional, Third Party Administrator,  and his/her firm are solely responsible for the use of content and any materials included herein, and for ensuring that all services provided by the Financial Professional and Third Party Administrators conform to the firm’s legal and compliance policies and standards.

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to Inbound


Learn How Content Marketing is the New Key to Business Success.

Who enjoys robocalls? Spam emails? Unsolicited sales pitches? No one, right?
The days of interruption marketing are dwindling, which is why marketing techniques have had to evolve. Learn how you can use content marketing to demonstrate that you are an authority in the retirement plan profession, build an effective SEO strategy to rank your website on the first page of Google, and leverage technology and automatization to drive inbound qualified 401(k) leads.

And - of course, let's have some fun. 

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Click to view our Influence to Inbound recording, share it with your whole team, at your convenience!
Pause it. Rewind it. Play along!

Use what you learn from to get marketing and solidify your name as your territories trusted, retirement plan expert.

Extending your digital handshake.

Let your prospects digitally meet you so they will know you, like you, and trust you.

LinkedIn Checklist

Banner Image

Accurate Name


Accurate Job Title and Company


Actively Post Organic Content


Share, Like and Comment on Content Daily


500+ LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Banners

Below are some sample LinkedIn banner ads to spruce up your social profile. Feel free to click one of these that you like and upload it to your banner!


The suggested size is 1584 x 396 pixels, so any image that size or larger, will fit into the space. If that's all Greek to you, don't worry, try these quick, step-by-step instructions:

  • Step 1: Login to LinkedIn

  • Step 2: In the top right-hand corner, there's a small circle with your profile picture in it, click it

  • Step 3: Then click, View Profile

  • Step 4: Find the pencil next to your name, click it
    I promise we're almost done!

  • Step 5: In the top right corner, find the other pencil, click it

  • Step 6: Pick your desired image and adjust to your preferred position within the space provided

  • Step 7: Click Save!

  • Step 8: Pat yourself on the back!

Doesn't that look awesome?
I know, right?! 

Where, who, what of LinkedIn

Probably one of the most important sections of LinkedIn Your Public Profile. 
This is what people outside of your connected network see. Check it out.


  • Step 1: Login to LinkedIn

  • Step 2: In the top right-hand corner, there's a small circle with your profile picture in it, click it

  • Step 3: Then click, 'Edit public profile & URL'

  • Step 4: You will be redirected to another webpage. 
    That's normal.

  • Step 5: LinkedIn is showing you what others see, is it what you want them to see? Does it need improvements? 

  • Step 6: Check out the right-hand side, that's where you can make updates. 

  • Step 7: Check to see who can find you (Privacy) and then update to make sure you are comfortable with the search scope.

Great work!

How are you actively 

promoting you?

Content curation or creation, data collection and analysis, and a promotion strategy.
Pick Your
Research Your Audience
Publish and Share!
  • Sign up for Google Analytics​
  • Add Google Analytics to your website to track visitors

Be everywhere your prospects are.

Google Keywords

  • Fiduciary

  • 401k

  • 403b

  • 401k plan

  • Retirement plan advisor

  • Top retirement advisors​


  • Plan Sponsor Resources

  • HR 401k Resources

  • 401k Compliance Help

  • Recordkeeper Fees

  • Advisor Fees

  • 401k Investment Menu

  • 401k Benchmarking

  • Retirement Plan Broker

  • 401k Broker

  • 401k Consultant

  • 401k Attourney

  • Fiduciary advisors

Putting it all together...

Prospect Googles for information about fiduciary checklist

Google ads shows advisor website for free fiduciary file checklist

Prospect clicks and visits your website to download checklist

Prospect enters email address to receive checklist

Prospect's email is now integrated with advisor's CRM and enters additional lead nurturing campaigns